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Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms of Service completely by BI Social Studio which is owned and operated by BI Social Studio. This Agreement documents the legally binding terms and conditions attached to the use of the Site at, BI Social Studio, Beacon Innerprise LLC and any information from third party Acuity Scheduling.


By using or accessing the Site in any way, viewing, or browsing the Site, or copying any content from the Site, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Service.


  • A Non-Refundable  Booking Fee of 50% of total booking hours including any add-on packages is due at the time of booking. Dates will not be reserved without payment.  Remainder balance including $200 Refundable Incidental Fee is due no later than one week prior to the event, or Renter may risk forfeiture of Incidental Fee per cancellation policy. 

  •  Incidental Fee is required to secure any damages that may incur during event booking hours.  Renter will be notified of any fines/fee’s charges occurred in written.  Incidental fee will be release back to Renter after closing of event if issued via cash or placed back on card 3-5 business days depending on Renter’s bank guidelines. Refund is given based on if there is no damages or fines occurred during event booking hours.



  • Renter shall not be entitled to any reduction in the cost of booking if the number of Guests attending the event is less than originally booked/ and if Event end earlier than expected.


  • At the time of booking, the Client shall provide details of the estimated number of Guests attending the event. Event occupancy should not succeed 55 people, including Host, Guest, Vendors, Bartender etc. BI Social Studio Staff will not be included in that number. 


A confirmed booking shall only be deemed to be cancelled when the Business receives written notification of the cancellation from the Client.


The period of notice cancellation fee will be:

  i. Booking deposit is Non-Refundable after booking payment is received.  

  ii.  Refund of Incidental fee will be given no later than 3 days after written cancellation. 


If cancel within 24HRS. of Event Renter may have the option to Book another date but Forfeit Non-Refundable Booking Fee.


iii Cancellation on day of event may result in full forfeit of any deposit received including incidental fee. Any Add-on's that included a vendor or materials needed to be purchased will not be refunded. 




The business reserves the right to cancel the event if:

i. the Venue has to be closed due to Force Majeure;  

ii.  the Client is in arrears with any payment due to the Business;

iii. the Business has reasonable grounds to believe that the Client may not pay the Business the balance of the Fee by the due date and the Business has requested the Client to explain the position and the Client has not done so satisfactorily;

iv.  the Business discovers, before the Client has paid the balance of the Fee, that the Client has deliberately concealed information, or deliberately given the Business incorrect information, about the Event in circumstances where (if the Client had not done so) it would have been reasonably foreseeable that the Business would not have accepted the booking

v.  the Business has reasonable grounds to believe that the behavior of the Client or the Guests at the Event is likely to result in Damage and/or injury to people.


If the Business cancels the booking for any of the reasons listed above, any monies already paid by the client will not be refunded and the Client must pay the Business any losses and costs it suffers because of the cancellation which were reasonably foreseeable to both the Client and the Business when the contract was entered into, whether or not the Business is able to resell the date.  Depending on when the Business cancels, the cancellation charges payable by the Client will be determined by reference to the terms listed above.

If BI Social Studio must cancel your event for any reason that is out of our control , BI Social Studio will give immediate notice. Renter will be fully refunded or may apply their deposit to future booking date.



You are able to bring in vendors of your choice for catering, event planning and décor. Renter is responsible in making sure their vendor is following all guidelines in the the Terms and Policy.  


  • Alcohol is permitted with purchase of Bar package for Guest 21 and older with a valid Government Issued ID. Renter can hire in a Certified Bartender but must show proof of certification.  BI Social Studio has an In-House Bartender  to serve if requested.

  • Alcohol may not be served to, or consumed by, anyone under the legal drinking age of 21 or anyone who a BI Social Studio Team member presume is intoxicated.  All guests requesting alcoholic beverages must be prepared to present photo ID. Age identification shall conform to the statutory requirements imposed by the licensing state or federal agency. BI Social Studio bar staff reserves the right to refuse alcoholic beverage service if the person is either underage or proper identification cannot be produced. BI Social Studio will refuse alcoholic beverages to any person that appears intoxicated.

  • Renters or their guests shall not serve or sell alcohol to anyone. Cash bars are not allowed. Guest may not BYOB. Renter is responsible for bringing Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages including  Renters shall use all reasonable means to prevent guests and participants from driving under the influence of alcohol or with a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher.

  • Alcoholic beverages served at the bar must be kept in the building. It is not to be consumed outside, including the parking lot.

  • BI Social Studio and Affiliate Beacon Innerprise LLC  reserves the rights to amend this agreement at any time therefore, we ask that you check and review this Agreement for such changes on an occasional basis.

  • Proof of  general liability insurance is needed by the customer if they choose to bring alcohol to the gathering  You can send proof of insurance to: or upload it here with subject line (Name of Renter, Date of event, Proof of insurance)


The Renter agrees that none of BI Social Studio  employees or agents shall be liable for:

i. any damage, loss, delay or expense incurred by the Client, their Guests or any other person connected with the Event, except for death or personal injury resulting from proven negligence by the Business, its employees or agents;

ii. damage, theft or loss of any property, goods, articles, possessions, objects or similar things used, kept or left at the Venue (which shall remain the client’s responsibility).

The Client will be responsible for any loss or damage to the Venue which is attributed to the Client, the Guests or the Caterer.  

Subject to paragraph (d)below, BI Social Studio staff’ shall not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of its obligations under the contract with the Client that is caused by force majeure.

BI Social Studio’ total liability to the Client for any loss suffered by the Client will be limited to the total amount of money payable to the Business for the Event.  

Nothing in these terms excludes or limits in any way the Business’ liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence, or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or for any other matter for which it would be illegal or unlawful for the Business to exclude or limit (or attempt to exclude or limit) its liability.


  • A BI Social Studio Team member will oversee each event. The assigned staff will make sure tables are set up and be available to answer any questions Renter/Guest may have.  They will also be responsible to make sure Renter/Guest comply with the rules and regulations for the use of the venue. If the Renter/Guest violates any terms of the contract agreement the individual or group may be asked to leave the premises immediately and forfeit any deposits. If Renter exceed 15 minutes over the agreed booked time, they may incur an additional hour fee for each hour over, added to their final deposit.

  • Smoking (including of e-cigarettes, vaporizers/hookah, etc.) of any kind is prohibit in the venue and 25 ft from the building.  

  • Only Certified service animals are welcome in and near the premises.

  • Music/DJs are welcome but must abide by Kendall County noise ordinance. No loud music that can be heard from outside the venue after 10pm.

  • Renter authorizes venue owner to take and use any photos or other electronic media for promotional purposes before/during event unless stated otherwise.

  • Thumb tacks, pushpins, nails, glue, staples, or tape that will leave marks on walls or any furniture owned by BI Social Studio is permitted.  Confetti, glitter, straw, hay, rice, birdseeds are prohibited.

  • Renters are responsible for their general clean-up, and clean-up by their Guests and Vendors. General Clean-up include clearing off tables, making sure trash are in garbage, and any materials including décor are taken down. All clean-ups must be done by end of booked time.  All equipment and belongings of the renter must be removed   Any renter leaving obvious trash or equipment in the common areas, restrooms, bar area, prep area and outside may be subject to a deduction of their deposit and additional fine charges if staff must stay after their hired hours.


BI Social Studio requires security for any events with alcohol AND/OR operating 8pm or later. Renter is required to utilize in house security - third party security is not allowed.

By moving forward you accept the agreement of the terms above

Welcome to BI Social Studios and thank you for choosing us to assist in your venue needs. 

*Terms and Conditions are subject to change 

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